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We’re the Best! Nature’s Best

Why are we the best? Experience Recently, we spoke to a client during an initial service treatment.  The client made the comment that he usually treats his pest problems himself.  He mentioned some old-school tricks of the trade that only veterans in the industry would know about.  This particular problem gave him fits.  The pest had […]

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bed bug


Imagine this. A blood thirsty monster that attacks only at night.  They have fangs to pierce skin.  Their saliva keeps your blood from clotting and numbs your skin so you don’t know they’re there. NO.  It isn’t Dracula. Its Cimex lectularius.   More commonly.  Bed Bugs. Bed bugs have been known as human parasites for […]

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We Are Nature’s Best

Chemistry is amazing. Chemistry’s power can be harnessed safely and effectively.  It’s power can also be abused and results in the negative health effects on living organisms.  Environmental concerns are important because our environment has an effect on our health.  Above all else, chemistry must be sustainable.  Sustainability means the reduction of negative consequences to […]

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